Episode 9: “Don’t Put Bananas In Your Laptop Bags”

Episode 9: Don’t Put Bananas In Your Laptop Bags

In this episode: More iPhone 4 talk since Andrew and Danny now both have one, Andrew goes off on Big Curriculum and asks why Technology is not integrated into the big publisher’s offerings, sync multiple Google Calendars to your iPhone Calendar – https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect, add Google mobile apps to your home screen –  http://m.google.com, see your iPhone 4 screen’s potential with the Trip Out app, Danny finds a surprise waiting for him in his notebook bag and Google is finally linking regular Google tools to Google Apps accounts, although neither Danny or Andrew are exactly sure how that is going to work.



Episode 8: “Another Year Bites The Dust”

Episode 8: Another Year Bites The Dust

Final days of the fiscal school year and the crunch is on.  We talk about how iTalc can be used (or not) for Classroom management (finally some school tech).  We might actually get some Grants next year. How do you go after money for Tech?  Leave us some feed back on the WordPress site (no its not Google Sites anymore).  The jinx is still on; no iPhone 4 for us.  The power of the iPhone 4 camera/video – The Ducati “156 Turns” iPhone 4 movie and BONUS: “Apple of My Eye” – another cool iPhone 4 film.  Andrew upgrades a 3G to iOS 4 (woof, woof) and then jailbreaks it for fun.

Episode 6: “No iPhone For You”

Episode 6:  No iPhone For You

Show Notes:

In this episode:  We talk with guest Melinda Miller from Willard, Missouri.  Elementary School Principal at Willard East Elementary School and GCT from the GTA San Antonio, TX.  How she uses http://www.textmarks.com/ as one possible solution for sending SMS updates to parents and how she can use http://twitterfeed.com/ to get info from Twitter to Facebook for her students’ parents.  We ask her about her blog; The Principal Blog  http://weprincipal.blogspot.com,  posting to her blog everyday in June to get a free book Spilled Ink and Why she needs an iPhone4, why none of us will get one on time and her podcasts; The Podcasting PrincipalThe Practical Principals with Scott Elias.  We also discuss Google Apps and the new version of Google Docs that came out June 14 as well as the new YouTube video editor.

Episode 5: “Sidetracked”

Episode 5: Sidetracked

Show Notes:

In this episode: Moodle training and how we plan Professional Development (or don’t), Is Danny (Certified Google Fan Boy) upgrading to iPhone 4 or switching to Android?, Andrew’s iPhone upgrade dilemma, Andrew gets an EcoVue iPad case, Google Apps and Moodle Integration, Danny can’t find an email detailing some cool new features coming to Google Docs, and how to Build a walled garden for email in Google Apps for Education using Postini Message Security (but really, why would you?).