Episode 54 Outnumbered 2:1

In this episode:

Danny is off being anointed a Sony Education Ambassador (SEA). Andrew is joined by Mike Vollmert and Jim Klein and ubermix chaos ensues.



Episode 53 Small School, mini Tech

In this episode:

We talk about the iPad mini’s and other device’s suitability for use in 1:1 learning environments.

Episode 52 Le Grand 1:1 iPad Deployment – Year 2

Le Grand 1:1 iPad Deployment – Year 2

In this episode:

Andrew talks with Mike Magboo, IT Director of Le Grand Union High School District, about deploying iPads for 9-11th graders. It’s chapter 2 in the ongoing saga of 1:1 iPads in education at Le Grand High.

Episode 51 No iPhone 5 For Us

No iPhone 5 For Us

In this episode:

iOS 6 – The all day download and the all day update

Alternatives to Apple Maps
What’s a Good Replacement for Apple’s Unreliable New Maps App?
Google Maps Now Syncs Search and Directions History Across Devices

iPhone 5
Verizon iPhone 5 Comes Unlocked Out Of The Box, Works On GSM Carriers Like AT&T

Alternatives to the iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Nexus
Nexus 7 🙂


State Superintendent of Public Instruction Education Technology Task Force Memo

Episode 50 Epic Three Day Podcast

Epic Three Day Podcast

In this episode:

Yes three friggin days! This episode took three days to record and the first day went horribly wrong. But we made it through and now 50 is done!

Google Drive for iOS and Android Get Editing, Presentation Support, and More

Acoustic Touch Screen Demonstration

Amazons New Kindle Fire

Apple Announcement Next week

New iPad Connector


YouTube.com/teachers and YouTube.com/schools

Touch and Gestures for iMac


Discussions in Google Spreadsheets

Gmail Labs Grads

Hangout in Google Calendar

Google Apps Vault

Google to Rent Chromebooks

Episode 49 Danny Has A Nexus 7 And Andrew Doesn’t

Danny Has A Nexus 7 And Andrew Doesn’t

In this episode:

You’ll just have to listen to find out…

Kidding. Andrew’s blogging again, Danny has a Nexus 7 and is not afraid to use it, there’s a new podcast in town, and more…

Episode 48 Back From Hiatus

Back From Hiatus

In this episode:

Nexus 7

iOS 6

Mountain Lion Drops Tomorrow

ISTE12 Resources For Those That Didn’t Attend

Microsoft Innovative Educator & Surface

Flipped Learning Tour


CETPA Annual Conference

Fall CUE