Episode 59 OG A High Pitched Whine

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Better late than never! Danny’s back and he’s phoned home from an Airport with a horrible alarm sound in the background. But we still manage to talk tech, old school ssbt style.


Episode 58 Chromebooks iPads And The Importance Of Parents

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Just in time for #ISTE13 (Not!). John Patton joins us to talk about his district’s move to 1:1 iPads for take home and chromebook carts for in class instruction. And how about engaging parents in all of this? Sounds like a good idea to us.


Episode 56 Chromebooks Are Awesome?

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Mike Vollmert joins Andrew to discuss Chromebooks with fellow Google Certified Teacher Jason Seliskar. Jason recently received a class set of Chromebooks through the DonorsChoose.org and Google partnership. And of course it wouldn’t be a Small School Big Tech episode if we didn’t get off track and start talking about something else, in this case it’s the Common Core. Much fun ensues.

Episode 54 Outnumbered 2:1

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Danny is off being anointed a Sony Education Ambassador (SEA). Andrew is joined by Mike Vollmert and Jim Klein and ubermix chaos ensues.