Episode 66 All Over The Map

In this episode:

Mike and I talk about a lot of stuff. Going 1:1 in 2009, Instructional Rounds and focusing on student work, Facebook for school, wireless, Audio/Video and even more…


Episode 65 CETPA 2014 Mashup

In this episode:

We rehash the CETPA conference.


Episode 64 Devices and Other Stuff

In this episode:

[audio https://archive.org/download/SmallSchoolBigTechE64/SmallSchoolBigTechE64.mp3]

Chromebases, Fall CUE, device life cycles, Web Filtering in the cloud, Tablets v Chromebooks, Apple DEP and iPads in High School.

Episode 63 A Post Summer IT Projects Reflection

In this episode:

[audio https://archive.org/download/SmallSchoolBigTechE63/SSBTEpisode63.mp3]

We talk about something cool and interesting, I just can’t remember what. Oh, wait, summer projects. This is a the post summer reflection episode! How much did we really get done over summer? Not as much as we’d have liked.

Episode 62 Better Together

In this episode:

We join forces with rebootEDpodcast host Mike Vollmert and talk edTech.

Episode 61 LMSvCMS And Backordered Chromebooks For Days

In this episode:

[audio https://archive.org/download/SmallSchoolBigTechE61/SmallSchoolBigTech_E61.mp3]

Andrew asks, do we really need Learning Management Systems or Curriculum Management Systems? CUE is happening this week! Chromebooks are backordered and Mike still likes iPads.

Episode 60 The Return Of Small School Big Tech

In this episode:

[audio https://archive.org/download/SmallSchoolBigTechE60/SmallSchoolBigTech_E60.mp3]

We’re back and we’re talking edtech!