About Us

Andrew Schwab, Co-Creator and Co-Host

I am an IT guy turned educator.  I started my career in the private sector becoming proficient in enterprise IT (well mostly) and for the past several years have been involved with IT in K12 education.  I’ve taught computers, business applications and programming in high school and believe that 1:1 computing is the future of educational technology. I am a geek, husband, father and life long learner (and a Google Certified Teacher too). You can find me sharing pictures of tasty food at http://twitter.com/anotherschwab and occasionally thinking out loud at  http://anotherschwab.wordpress.com.

Mike Magboo, Co-Host

Co-Creator and Original Co-Host

Danny Silva

I am the Professional Development Coordinator for CUE Inc.  I am formally an Agriculture Teacher, Technology Coordinator and Administrator. I am an active CUE Lead Learner, a Google Certified Teacher, and Google Apps Education Certified Trainer. I have led multiple Google Teacher Academies around the world as part of CUE’s Lead Learner team.  I also maintains an educational blog at iteachag.com and co-hosts the “Small School, Big Tech” podcast I started with Andrew Schwab.  I think of myself as a life-long learner and have a passion for my family, technology & gadgets, and teaching others. My wife, Wendy and I live in Madera, CA with their two children Cayla and Jacob.

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