Episode 45 Web Pages as Textbooks?

Web Pages as Textbooks?

In this episode:

We’re back and we’re talking google apps, chromebooks and e-textbooks. And of course, ubermix! What could be better than that?


One thought on “Episode 45 Web Pages as Textbooks?

  1. Online Textbook in WordPress format:
    WordPress has a relatively easy user interface for faculty to develop content. 3rd party plugins can be added for various Web 2.0 apps to deliver content. WP is mobile friendly from the start, without the instructor having to reformat content. *You can export a WP site as an XML file, so the initial content is easily shareable. **WP works on almost any standard or mobile device.

    WordPress on a Stick (running WP & serving pages from a USB drive)
    This would allow students to have a working copy of a digital textbook with them (even if not connected to the Internet). A twenty chapter textbook, with all images and even a bunch of mp4 audio clips is relatively small and could fit on a USB flash drive. Then when connected to the Internet, could view larger files such as video or multimedia clips and access other info links. *A student could even add notes & pages to the existing content.

    DLO (digital learning object) If you don’t want to mimic a paper textbook, then you are free to start anywhere: survey learner to determine their level of expertise and then provide learning path accordingly; start with a video or audio clip to spark interest; provide a Prezi, or VoiceThread presentation to pique student interest; redirect to PDF or other lengthier word docs. *This might mean using an LMS (e.g. Blackboard) to encapsulate all the content.

    Probably have to get away from paper textbook cycles. A paper textbook just can’t keep up with today’s changes. It is out of date by the time you get it into the student’s hands.

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