Episode 23 My Cr-48 And Me

Episode 23 My Cr-48 And Me

In this episode:

We talk about the Chrome OS Cr-48 “beta” notebook Google shipped out to Danny and not Andrew. As Christopher Dawson points out, the Cr-48 presents some interesting possibilities for schools, if the price is right. Chrome for Enterprise, finally. MSI files and ADM files, yeah!  Another Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation all done with a Google Presentation.  Danny does yet another presentation – Web Tools for Agricultural Education (hire him, he’s really good). Danny finds a new web based screencasting sight that doesn’t work on the CR-48 – screencastle.com.  Jim Klein’s ubermix has Chrome OS beat! (So says Andrew) and Danny can’t get enough Sesame Street.


Episode 22 “Ummy In The Wind, With iPads”

Episode 22 Ummy in the Wind, With iPads

In this episode:

We discuss Andrew’s visit with Avery Middle School and their 1:1 iPad implementation. Their IT Director, Michael Wells is moving his school into the future in a very cool way. Our favorite web 2.0 services are starting to offer more formal (and possibly limited) Education accounts. Danny covers the Google EdTech News of the past few weeks, eBooks being the big story this week. No, its not windy in studio, once again, we have audio fun as Andrew breaths heavily into the mic during the whole podcast and Danny goes all Cylon near the end. Enjoy!

TED Talk – Sugata Mitra shows how kids teach themselves
GoAnimate Launches Education Accounts http://goanimate4schools.com/ with 100 student limit.
Gloggster has 100 student limit.
Animoto has 50 student limit.

Google Links:
Discover more than 3 million Google eBooks from your choice of booksellers and devices
Skitch 1.0 http://goo.gl/NjeP5
Free Graphics and Media for Camtasia Studio http://goo.gl/USRfA from TechSmith
Shape connectors have arrived in Google drawings http://goo.gl/KWSGa
Send as Santa – http://www.sendacallfromsanta.com/
Google Teacher Academy Australia http://www.google.com/educators/gta.html
Google Chrome Speed Tests http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCgQDjiotG0
Chrome OS and the Chrome Notebook  (Application for trial)
Chrome Web Store https://chrome.google.com/webstore
Google Cloud Print Now Open for Chrome Dev on Windows http://goo.gl/KTUIr

Episode 21 “Ring, Ring”

Episode 21 Ring, Ring

In this episode:

Scientist find New Life…. in Mono Lake, CA. We touch on our favorite topic, IWBs (Interactive White Boards), then talk about screencasting in the class, Animoto goes medieval on education with a 50 student cap and don’t forget http://www.cue.org/Macworld and the secret code: MWCUE2.

Danny’s Google Hot List:
Google Translator Toolkit – Now available with Google Apps
Another Demo Slam – http://www.demoslam.com/#/champs/wxDRburxwz8
Google Apps Education Training Center to help in the creation of classroom how-to videos

The Non-Google Links:
NASA Finds New Life http://goo.gl/oIY3m
Check out our K12HSN Online Video project – www.t3onlinelearning.com
Need to read words off a screen? http://www.cueprompter.com/
Animoto Education Registration Link
http://www.cue.org/Macworld (Use Jon’s super secret code: MWCUE2)
IT Lone Ranger Tech Camp Feb 19, 2011 – http://ctap7.k12oms.org/eventdetail.php?id=43869

The Tweets!


Smartboard presenter is showing us the video “A vision of K-12 Education” but it doesn’t really match up to what I think IWBs are for.


Should 21st century teachers continue to compartmentalize learning with daily lesson plans? More in an ASCD EDge post: http://bit.ly/eVfLLA


“When teaching media in class there are two rules: 1-video should be shorter. 2-should be edited one more time!” From @garystager #gl2010


2 Impressive Alternatives To Animoto That Will Help You Make Slick Home Videos http://goo.gl/IkUFk